Friday, 8 March 2013

How to Move House with a Cat, Idea-Vortex, The Plan

First of all, thanks to everyone who told me how much they like the new look of Three Thinks! Having much fun with it myself!

With that out of the way, here are my three thinks for today:

How to Move House with a Cat - Set up strategic plan of action to relocate feline ruler. Find and borrow travel box big enough - and with strong lock to keep subject from escaping through extreme display of kung fu.
Buy 'highly palatable' (according to box) dewormer so as to comply with new estate rules. Watch happily as cat scoffs it all down. Frown disappointingly when cat throws it all back up.
Buy new dewormer - tablet form. Locate cat and pet reassuringly as try to pry jaws open. Stuff tablet down throat. Find tablet spat out under bedside table. Corner cat again and vow to take no prisoners. Find tablet behind curtain and mop up blood from savaged arms and fingers. Crush tablet and dissolve in milk like scaly bartender with bad intentions. Watch happily as cat downs spiked drink.
Lock up cat in house on day of move. Freak out when cleaners let him escape. Find him under shrub and lock up in garage. Freak out when husband lets him escape. Find him near washing line and lock up in box.
Finally load up vexed cat in car. Listen with grinding teeth at his opera tenor laments all the way to the city (an hour's drive) and try to keep him from clawing leather seats through hole in box.
Unleash crazed creature in new bedroom and watch warily as he explores new surroundings. Frown in confusion when he hides under duvet and refuses to come out. For two days.
Allow him to explore garden on third day. Stick plasters on wounds after catching and putting him back in house afterward. Nearly wet yourself when scary clawed monster suddenly attacks your leg in dead of night in darkened hallway. Throw cat out window and shout after him 'I'm only looking out for you, but fine! Fend for yourself you ungrateful animal!', or something similar.
Sigh in relief next day when companion clumsily jumps back through window and nearly strangles himself on foreign burglar bars. Seems like he'll be fine.

Idea-Vortex - For some strange reason I tend to get the best ideas for my book at approximately two minutes before I fall asleep. In my drowsy state I always attempt to write them down or type them into my phone, but paralysis always sets in just as I'm reaching toward the bedside table. The next morning, I'm faced with having to go through my entire mental process of the night before in an attempt to locate my brilliant idea among the thoughts of hamburgers, purple dresses and scenes from Troy. It's painstaking, but most of the time it's worth it. Like the perfect set-up for my next chapter that will magically link the the next part of the book with the previous. Other times, however, I go through all the turmoil, thinking that a gem of an idea might be hiding somewhere in my subconscious, only to find that my midnight stroke of genius was nothing but an idiotic plan of my heroine buying an orange in town. Can't win 'em all.

The Plan - Recently (and when I say 'recently', I mean 'yesterday') I read up about something that has been intriguing me for quite some time. It's a business opportunity that, if done right, could have the potential to finally launch my career as an author. It's exciting and scary at the same time, but I really do think that I should go for it. I am giving myself a month to decide and to do my homework. I'll keep you updated!!

Dream as much as you can (whether asleep or no), give yourself the opportunity to try something new and buy a big enough travel-box (the seating in your car will be grateful).

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