Saturday, 17 August 2013

Super Twisted Short Story

I just read a short story by Richard L. Foland, called 'At What Price'.

Now, if you are looking for something short, interesting, and slightly futuristic (with a lot of twists), give this a go! Here's the description:

In 2012 Alexander Vernick killed his fiance after someone proved she was stealing from him. That person then turned him in and he was arrested and tried. He managed to get off but has spent the better part of a decade looking for the person who ratted on him and he's found him. Now he can have his revenge. But what price will he have to pay another ten years down the line?

Need more info? Here's my review:

Wow - the imagery really got me going! I can see this book successfully be extended into a full-length title, no problem. Richard manages to describe scenes and even futuristic objects with ease. I am a big fan of authors who are able to capture atmosphere - well done! I have to add that I got lost once or twice and I would have liked to know more regarding the details of the big twist, but I really enjoyed it. Even completely forgot about my cup of coffee (a rare occurrence).

Visit Richards's blog to get to know him!

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